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Our Team

David Hall MIFireE

David was a member of West Midlands Fire Service for 26 years where he became Fire Safety Commander in the region overseeing inspections, enforcement notices and major projects from transport hubs to concert venues. David is a member of the Institute of Fire engineers where he sits on the interviewing panel for applications onto the fire risk register. Since leaving the Fire Service David has worked as an independent fire risk assessor on a diverse portfolio across multiple purpose groups including representation of clients at crown court as an expert witness.

Richard Woodward MIFireE

Richard is a former Royal Marine Commando and was a Group Commander at the Fire Service College, England before he retired from the Fire Service in February 2015 after 27 years’ service. He has extensive knowledge of the Fire Safety Order 2005 and is a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers and also sits on the selection panel for that register. He has various fire safety qualifications including a foundation degree in fire safety studies, a level 4 Diploma in fire safety, a NEBOSH fire safety qualification and he holds a PTTLS teaching qualification.

Vaughan Sheedy ILM

Vaughan was a uniformed officer with West Midlands Fire Service for 30 years as an operational officer, in fire safety and in training. As a training officer he was responsible for designing and delivering and initial fire safety course for potential junior officers. Since leaving the fire service Vaughan has worked as both a fire risk assessor and an assessor providing national accredited fire safety qualifications.

Steve Green AIExpE

Steve has over 35 years service with West Midlands Fire Service and over 15 years’ experience in fire safety issuing enforcement notices, inspecting properties and Fire Safety Advice, as well as undertaking risk assessments. Steve is a member of Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration, Steve sits on the Chief Fire Officer Association council for petroleum and explosives and is a member of the Institute of Explosives Engineers.

Julie Lee MIFSM

Julie has over 18 years’ experience of health & safety and fire safety experience with a reputation for delivering high standards within a highly sensitive customer-focused environment. Julie has extensive knowledge and experience of fire safety to ensure compliance with the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005. Julie has broad knowledge and experience of providing PAS 79 fire risk assessments, fire safety training, fire drills, fire inspections and fire safety audits. Julie is a member of the Institute of fire safety managers.